Marisa’s maternity shoot in a milk bath

Marisa is one of the best make-up artists I’ve worked with. Together, we’ve done some pretty cool shoots. She’s an amazing help beyond her make-up artistry since she offers suggestions from the moment I tell her what we’ll be shooting such as clothing tips and prop ideas. When she asked me to do her maternity photos for her second pregnancy, I jumped at the “shot” to do it for her. I knew she would have a unique idea but her idea of doing a milk bath shoot was quite different. 

I’ve been asked to do a few interesting photo sessions. One time I was asked to climb a tree, another time I had to balance at the bow of a yacht for a wedding photo. Anything for that perfect shot, and this time would be a challenge too. We started with the easy ones where I simply had to kneel next to the bath tub or stand to the side. But to actually capture the milk bath and the subject’s entire body, I was going to have to stand along the edge of the tub over Marisa’s feet. 

I made sure that this was as safe as possible for both me and especially Marisa. I made sure there were no wet spots on the edges of tub and I stepped slowly and carefully while leaning against the wall and distributing my weight evenly. It wasn’t a circus act or anything like that but it did require some thought before stepping up there. In the end, all went well and Marisa just got back to me after seeing the edited photos. She loved them! 


1st Photography Meetup – January 2016

I hosted my first photography meetup here in Orange County! It was a very small group but overall, we were very happy with the people we met and the shots we took. I want to do this every month and watch the group grow and grow. My goal is to help amateur photographers, models and stylists get better at their work. Below are a few of my own shots.

Laura Laura in peaceful meditation Laura with flower Jasmine