The Philippines – Part 1

El Nido sunset

This is the view that I was presented with when we finally came to a rest in El Nido. We arrived in Puerto Princesa in the morning, then drove 6 hours to El Nido and after going from hotel to hotel looking for a vacancy, we found a spot that would do for the night. It was a short walk from the beach (actually a few steps) and here I was. There’s islands like this everywhere and the next day we were going on an “island-hopping” tour to go see a bunch of them.

Boats in El Nido

Here’s another shot a few moments later…


In the Philippines, most people don’t have a car. If you do have one, you won’t necessarily get places faster since traffic can be worse, much worse than a Friday on the 405 fwy in Los Angeles. So if you need to go a short distance, the easiest way is to ask a tricycle driver to take you! Tricycles are a motorcycle with a sidecar. You can fit up to 3 people, maybe more. In Palawan, they customize their tricycles to make them look like a car in the front.

Tricycle closeup

Tricycle no smoking

There are “no smoking” signs everywhere but I thought this one was pretty funny! I wonder if it lights up?