BJJ Coral Belt – Waldomiro Perez Junior

My Brazilian Jiu-jitsu teacher was awarded “coral belt” on Saturday, August 19th, 2017. I’ve never been to a coral belt promotion and chances are very slim that I’ll see another one anytime soon. A coral belt is given to a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt when they reach their 7th degree. First, they get an alternating black/red coral belt. Then at 8th degree, they’re given a red/white coral belt. Finally at 9th degree, they’re given a red belt. Currently, there are only 50 red belts throughout the world. 

Waldomiro Perez, Jr. began his journey in BJJ in Sao Paolo, Brazil where he studied under Marcelo Behring at Cia Atletica, later becoming Cia Paulista. Most people call him “Junior”. He’s such a humble man, amazing instructor and jokes often in class. It’s a great honor to have Junior as an instructor and a friend. 

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