2017 Solar Eclipse

It was an exciting day throughout the United States yesterday because the path of a solar eclipse went from Oregon to South Carolina. Thousands of people traveled to cities and towns along the path of the total eclipse to witness this. Although I don’t live in the path of the total eclipse, I was still excited to capture the partial eclipse here in Orange County, California. I’ve taken pics of lunar eclipses, but never a solar eclipse. For solar eclipses, you need to have special equipment – a solar filter. You can try looking directly at the sun through your camera but you’ll be blind pretty soon and your camera won’t be able to get the details because of the sun’s brightness. 

I went to Orange County Telescope in Santa Ana and bought a sheet of mylar to build a DIY solar filter for my camera. It was $50 =(. When they told me the price, I must have stood there for a couple of minutes weighing this decision. Well, it’s a special occasion that doesn’t happen very often so I bought it. 

Here’s one of the shots I captured of the 2017 solar eclipse. 

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