Tomorrow’s 2nd OC Photography Enthusiast Meeting

I’m excited about hosting my 2nd photography meeting tomorrow which will be held at the same location, Irvine Park in Orange. Laura will be joining us again as our model for the evening but I’ve also asked attendees to feel free to bring their own friend or family member. Everyone has a family member that’s constantly taking selfies and would be so like, awesome as your model/subject. The weather is set to be a sunny 77° and the sun will set after 7pm. We get started at 5pm sharp.

Laura with flowers in hairThe theme for tomorrow is closeup face shots. Getting a closeup face shot gives you a more intimate connection with your subject. When taking shots like this, you can have the person’s entire head in the frame but you can also “cut off” the top of their head to get even closer. The subject doesn’t need to be looking into the camera. Having them look away will result in a more candid-looking image.

girl with white beanieOne of the most important rules for face photos is to get the sharpest focus on the eye closest to you since your brain is wired to look at that eye first. Another “rule” is to make sure you have space in front of the person’s face if they’re looking to the side. If there’s no space, it just looks weird because it looks like they’re up against a wall.

I hope to see some new “faces” tomorrow and looking forward to growing our group in number and knowledge!